well what they said ''its more fun in the philipines '' well even the autobots are there and they're vehicle modes are in philipines but some are not well its basically autobots and decepticons in the philipines but one thing is uniqe about this series is there is another season called ''the power of the light energon '' its all about a human accidentally have the power of the very rare but yet powerfull energon called ''the ultra white energon'' some called it ''the light energon'' it was so rare and powerfull even the cybertronians think it was just a cool scince fiction but until it was discovered it by the autobots and they protect it from the hands of the decepticons and once touched of this very rare energon all the power of the light energon will go to the one who touch it first but the wondering human accidentally touch it and the light energon's power is in the hands of a male teenage human name joshua now the power of this light energon can heal humans and cybertronians,bring a cybertronian to life, and purify a fully dark energoned cybertronian and replace it with good white energon since the light energon can able to grow blue energon joshua can create many energon as he want

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