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A Very Looney Summer Vacation is an American 2013 animated direct-to-DVD film directed by Spike Brandt. The film was screenplayed by Brandt and his partner / friend Tony Cervone. The film follows Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the others going on a vacation to the beach to get some fun in the sun. The movie was released on July 3, 2013 releasing on Netfilx.


Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the others going on a vacation to the beach to get some fun in the sun.


Bugs is seen waking up from his home when he gets an newspaper from somebody saying that the beach is now open for everyone. Bugs then warns the Looney Tunes gang about the news and get ready to go to the beach. When they arrive, they then get into the sun.

Elmer then points a gun at Bugs with Yosemite Sam kicking him out calling him a rip-off. Elmer and Sam then fight with Bugs slowly backing up. Lola then decides to spend time with Bugs by laying down with him in the sun. As Daffy is about to jump in the ocean, a lifeguard says that someone peed in the ocean but they can also lay down.

Daffy then lays down being frustrated waiting for the ocean to open again. A kid then kicks a ball at Daffy with him getting interested to play with his mother and father. Meanwhile, Bugs and Lola then look at the bright, yellow sun while Elmer and Sam are still complaining. Porky then interrupts the fight and puts sunscreen and sunglasses on them telling them to relax and enjoy the fun in the sun. Sam and Elmer then agree and get along.

While Daffy and the kid are playing “Kick the Ball!”, Tweety and Sylvester chase eachother, causing Sylvester to get punched by the ball, causing him to fall in the ocean. He then quickly gets out of the ocean and tries to eat Tweety but Tweety puts some green beans in his mouth, causing him to go to the bathroom and throw up. Granny then witnesses Sylvester standing infront of Tweety, causing her to think that Sylvester is trying to eat Tweety again and hits him with a broom several times before kicking him into the sky.

Bugs and Lola are still looking into the sky when Bugs decides to go in the pool. The lifeguard then tells him and Daffy that the swimming pool is now good and then everyone jumps in the pool. Porky then climbs to a high jump-plate and jumps into the pool, causing a huge tsunami. Everybody is ok, but the pool has been closed down again due to no water. Everyone then gets excited with Bugs telling them that a new pool is open across the street. Everyone then runs across the street with Daffy and the kid still playing ball.



In early 2012, the Warner Bros. YouTube channel released a one minute sneak-peek of the movie with storyboard and animation still in development. They also announced that the movie would be directed by Spike Brandt with it being produced by Brandt & his partner Tony Cervone. One week later, they announced that it would be released on Netfilx on July 3, 2013.

Animation was done by Warner Bros. Animation with animator Eric Goldberg as the animation director. The animation was used with 2D CGI software animation with several people in the animation department. The animation and art style of the background was made by Goldberg, John Krakinski, Paul Rudish, and Adam Wingard.

Critical Response

The film received 87/100 on Rotten Tomatoes. David Denby called the movie a “splitting masterpiece with 100% slapstick.” with IMDb giving 9/10 to the film with millions of praises from millions of Looney Tunes fans all around the world. The movie has also gotten a 79/100 on Common Sense and 82/100 on Google.


The film has been Rated PG for..


99/100, the film has several violent scenes which shows Sylvester being kicked all the way up to the sky, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam having guns, and a huge tsunami causing the pool to get closed down again.

Awards & Nominations

The movie has been awarded a Golden Emmy Award for best animated summer film of 2013 entertaining thousands of people. It has also been awarded in 2014 with an Academy Award.

Award/Nomination: Year: Reason:
Golden Emmy Award 2013 Best Summer Film of 2013
Academy Award 2014
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