A Slasher Nightmare

A Slasher Nightmare is a TV comedy that features three of the worlds most terrifying slashers and their lives with the ghost of a teenager they recently killed, the slashers must apologize and make amends to parents of the children and teens that they murdered or the ghost of the teenager they killed will send them back to the underworld. The show oftens shows viewers the humor of the daily lives of the main characters and shows a soft side to the characters, the show is rated TV-PG.

Main characters

Freddy Krueger- Freddy is the worlds ultimate dream demon and the leader of the slashers, he uses special magic to kill his victims and will make a joke after doing so, making himself the comic relief of the show. He gets himself into trouble if the police around or if the others sees him doing a stunt to impress women, he usually thinks about himself and will ignore the others unless Kyle will remind that he can be sent to the underworld.
Jason Voorhees- Jason is the undead slasher from Crystal Lake that is silent throughout the series and is the strongest of his friends, he carries his machete to kill teenagers and adults alike, he uses his strength to move objects and throw the couch at Freddy, he secretly has a crush on his old summer camp friend Sandra Miller, who he often visits. Jason is a big brother figure to Kyle and goes on a wild adventure with him, often getting himself killed but returning in the next episode.
Angela Baker- Years of electro-shock therapy, a sex change and imprisonment hasn't changed Angela one bit, she uses whatever she has a weapon to kill her victims but she usually does kill if the victim uses drugs, does smoking and Etc. She has a big heart and protects Kyle until he can rest in peace, she is often annoyed by Freddy and Jason.
Kyle-A ghost of teenager that the slashers killed to prove they're still as scary as ever, he threatened to let them be sent to the underworld unless they apologize to the deceased children and teens parents, he is a quirky, fun loving and hyperactive teenage ghost that loves being around the slashers, he gets himself and his new-found friends into trouble and adventure if he gets the chance, it is revealed that he is afraid of ninjas.

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