This is a Save-Ums Christmas special that is developed by DHX Media and associated with Discovery Kids and CBC.


The Save-Ums Christmas special was originally aired on Channel 5's Milkshake! block. Outside the UK, none of the channels aired this special. A few years later, the Save-Ums Christmas special would have a worldwide release. It will be aired on Discovery Family and Qubo in USA; CBC and Family Jr. in Canada; Canal 5 (XHGC-TDT) in Mexico; Discovery Kids in Latin America; TV Cultura in Brazil; Cartoonito in UK; Tiji and Canal J in France; Super RTL in Germany; Disney Junior in Spain, Japan and Asia; Rai 2, Rai Gulp and Rai Yoyo in Italia; Nick Jr. in Australia, New Zealand and Netherlands; Canal Panda, RTP2 and Biggs in Portugal; Carousel in Russia; NHK in Japan; Hop! In Israel; Baraem In Qatar; and CCTV-14 in China.


The Save-Ums go on a Christmas adventure to celebrate Christmas.




A Save-Ums Christmas Special/Transcript


The Save-Ums

  • Jazzi (Voiced by Tara Strong)
  • Noodle (Voiced by Debi Derryberry)
  • Custard (Voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Ka-Chung (Voiced by Erin Mathews)
  • Foo (Voiced by Andrea Libman)
  • B.B. Jammies (Voiced by Cree Summer)

Wave World

  • Winston (Voiced by Samuel Vincent)
  • Andre (Voiced by Nancy Cartwright)
  • Olena (Voiced by Stephanie Beard)
  • Tony (Voiced by Dan Green)
  • Sal (Voiced by Phil LaMarr)

Lava World

  • Raymundo (Voiced by Gael Garcia Bernal)
  • Peque (Voiced by Salma Hayek)
  • Oscar (Voiced by Elizabeth Daily)
  • Tina (Voiced by Catherine Cavadini)

Rock World

  • Colin (Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Elizabat (Voiced by Amy Birnbaum)
  • Dori (Voiced by Ashleigh Ball)
  • Tyrell (Voiced by Cathy Weseluck)


Jingle Bell (In Places)

We Wish You A Merry Christmas (End Scene & End Credits)

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