A Rooster with Many Eggs (original title: Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos) is a Mexican animatied film that some


how got released in the states in its original Spanish version. The film should be dubbed for American audience.

Cast Suggestions

  • Bill Hader-Toto
  • Jessica Biel-Di
  • Jamie Kennedy-Confi
  • Isla Fisher-Bibi
  • Jay Leno-Willy
  • Doug E. Doug-Patin Patan
  • Josh Gad-Tocino
  • Ziggy Marley-Soup Duck
  • Keith David-Bankivoide
  • Jennifer Coolidge-Chiquis

DVD release

An English Dub is now confirmed to release on DVD December 1st. It will not use the cast above.

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