A Riddle A Day Keeps Erin Away is the 14th webisode of Super Hero High. It's plot is similar to Kitty's Curious Tale.

Plot Summary

The Narrators are arguing about the various students of Super Hero High. Hailey Quinn tells them, however, that Erin Nygma is uncertain. Is Erin a hero or a villain?

Plot Synopsis

The episode begins with the narrators arguing about who are Heroes or Villains, until Hailey butts in asking about her friend Erin Nygma, daughter of The Riddler, since she's a puzzle that's hard to solve. There are then shown many clips with Erin that are also puzzling since she is doing various heroic and villainous acts at school. Then Hailey starts talking to Erin who is sitting on a bench in the park. She tells her that the narrators have been watching her. and Erin replies with "And they want to know if I'm a Hero or a Villain." The Narrators are disappointed that Erin was listening to their conversation. Erin then says, "I would tell them, but where's the fun in that? Riddles are meant to keep people guessing, and that's a riddle only I can solve."

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