A Puppy Dog Pals Christmas Carol Is A 1995 Film.


On Christmas Eve, Hissy tells Bingo and Rolly about Snowball Scrooge. But when Snowball's father Jaws threatens to ban Ni Hao, Kai Lan, it's up to the Pet Gang to defeat him and save the show.

Characters Introduced


  • Jeff Bergman as Bingo/Rufus
  • Frank Welker as Rolly
  • B.J. Ward as Cupcake
  • Russi Taylor as Olivia
  • Katherine Dillon as Hissy/Kai Lan
  • Lane Jameson as Keia
  • Chris Rock as Bob
  • Tom Kenny as A.R.F
  • John Kevin as Jaws
  • Nancy Cartwright as Snowball
  • Jeff Bennett as Johnathon/Bizzy
  • Will Smith as Chip
  • Nigel Greene as Dander
  • Janet Waldo as Aleena
  • Ashley Blake as Chloe
  • Greg Burson as Fimon/Yogi Bear
  • Howard Marks as Bob’s Dad
  • Tress MacNielle as Bob’s Mom
  • Julie Kavner as Iceburg
  • Pete Christensen as Rintoo
  • Jason Fjords as Tolee
  • George Marto as Ho Ho
  • Kevin L. Dalters as Yeye
  • Adam Sandler as the Narrator


Here are some songs made by Manuel Jacobson and Jonathan Terrell:

  • We Are Going on a Holiday - Bingo, Rolly, Hissy, A.R.F, Keia, and Olivia
  • All I Want for Christmas is Rufus - Cupcake
  • Kai Lan Will Be Banned - Jaws
  • Do The Bunny Spin - Chip, Bingo, and Rolly
  • Home for the Holidays - Bingo, Rolly, Hissy, Keia, A.R.F, and Cupcake
  • We Are Going on a Holiday (Finale) - The Kerry Choir


  • The japan banning Kai Lan nightmare meant that Rolly had predicted the future.
  • Kai Lan and Rintoo would later be in Puppy Dog Pals: The Treasure of Lake Murray.
  • This was the debut of Kai Lan, way before the TV Series.
  • Running Time:
  • G-Rated for


  • Randy Newman


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