Here is some trivia about A Penguin's Memories


  • The Japanese version of the film wasn't screened in the United States until 2000, when MGM gave the Japanese version a subtitled limited release as part of a reissue of the film, this version was later included on the 2002 DVD release, however, it wasn't included on Kino Lorber's Blu-Ray.
  • Because of the notoriety the film had sparked from it's opening scene in 2018, it's been erroneously called "Club Penguin in the Vietnam War".
  • On recent prints of the film, the MGM/UA Communications Co. logo is cut off and the version of the United Artists logo with the MGM/UA Communications byline is seen for some reason.
  • The trailer for the film featured the Electric Light Orchestra song "Twilight", and the TV spots contained both that song and an English dubbed version of the original film's credits song "Boy No Kisetsu".
  • The film was indirectly referenced in Carl Andy's The Mamiya House as Emily Harold wears a Suntory Penguin shirt throughout the film, this was done as a returning favor to the film referencing 1975's Toby, which was coincidentally enough also released by United Artists.



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