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Queen Sorrow: Ugh...all this happiness and love...They all make me sick! Hear ye, citizens of Sorrowland. I, Queen Sorrow, will allow ourselves to defeat the pesky Glitter Force and bring this world to a sorrowful end! Now, my sorrowful citizens, bow down to your queen!

Sorrowful Citizens: All hail Queen Sorrow!

Glitter Princess: (Battle Cry)

Sorrowbad: Sorrowbad!

Glitter Princess: Missed me! Missed me again! (Screams)

Dessie: Ah, Glitter Princess is battleing with a Sorrowbad. How delightful.

Ribbon: Princess! You need to stop running away and fight that monster! Or else the people will turn into a Sorrowbad and the world transformed by Sorrow Citizens and it will turn upside down!

Glitter Princess: I get it, Ribbon! Power of Courage, make a big impact! Glitter Force, Courage Harmony Shooter!

Sorrowbad: Sorrowbad hurt!

Ribbon: Yay, you did it! Glitter Princess has landed her first victory in the battle! It's a miracle!

Ribbon and Glitter Princess: What?!

Sorrowbad: Sorrowbad fire!

Ribbon and Glitter Princess: (Screaming)

Queen Sorrow: Now, finish her off!

Ribbon: Zoey, look!

Zoey: What?! You've gotta be kidding me!

Sorrowbad: Sorrowbad...!

Zoey: Don't smash me!

Ribbon: I'll protect you

Glitter Fortune: Take that!

Sorrowbad: Ooh! Sorrowbad hurt!

Glascon: Well, I thought we'd might miss the party.

Zoey: Who are you?!

Glitter Fortune: (Battle Cry)

Sorrowbad: Sorrowbad in pain! Sorrowbad punch!

Glitter Fortune: Starlight Burst!

Queen Sorrow: Sorrowbad, get up. Don't just sit there!

Glascon: Let's blow that popsicle stand!

Glitter Fortune: You betcha, Glascon! Power od the Stars, bring forth Fortune! Glitter Bracelet! Glitter Force, Starlight Burst! Now, reach for the sky.

Sorrowbad: Shiny star.

Queen Sorrow: Next time, we'll meet again, Glitter Fortune. Ciao!

Meena: Thanks for your help out there.

Glitter Fortune: Sorrowland is beginning to make a dark invasion soon.

Glascon: And please watch out!

Meena: Okay, guys. I will!

Glascon: The power is coming up on me. It's a whistle! Rub my nose! (Sneezes)

Ribbon: Looks like we've claimed our first changing cards.

Zoey: Excuse me. Glitter Fortune? Thanks for saving my back down there.

Glitter Fortune: I'm busy right now! Sorry, I can't talk. You have to find another warrior from the Sorrow invasion. And I will never forgive for this, Zoey. Never forgive you!

Zoey: This is all my fault!

Bridget: My name is Bridget, shout hooray! I am ready to seize the day! Go, me!

Serena: You have a great rhyming sensation, Bridget.

Bridget: Huh? Thank you, Serena! Let's see if you can join me with rhyming.

Serena: Sure, sounds fun.

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