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A Musical of Spooks is a 2004 American musical-horror film produced by Universal Pictures. it is the best-known and most commercially successful adaptation of Vincent Moore's 1987 children's book Alexis and the Spooks. Directed primarily by Daniel Sheldon, the film stars Sally Robertson as Alexis, Sting as Frankie, David Bowie as Ziggy, Lindsay Ridgeway as Francesca, Leo Lazano as Donnie, Susan Garland as Scarlett and Victoria Jones as Carmen Miranda.

A Musical of Spooks was Victoria Jones' final film after she died a year later, in August 2004.


The Spooks of Bottle Bay followed the movie of nice-girl Alexis and her cat Debby her best friend nice-guy Sidney Sludge and his dog Maxwell, and the town folk of Bottle Bay. The residents are forever plagued by Sidney's evil siblings, Sybil and Cedric. Sidney spent most of the time trying to avoid the problems caused by his brother and sister and was always helped, albeit unwittingly, by the Spooks of Bottle Bay so, Alexis met the Spooks in Bottle Bay and joined the family.


Sally Robertson (Alexis)

Sting as (Frankie)

David Bowie as (Ziggy)

Lindsay Ridgeway as (Francesca)

Leo Lazano as (Donnie)

Susan Garland as (Scarlett)

Victoria Jones as (Carmen Miranda)

Nigel Plaskitt (Sidney Malcolm Sludge)

Simon Buckley (Sybil Melanie Sludge)

Richard Coombs (Cedric Montague Sludge)

Jennifer Barnhart (Maxwell)

Heather Tobias (Sally Spook)

John Thirtle (Fred Spook)

Simon Buckley (Baby Spook)

Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Betty Bat)

Simon Garland (Tommy Spook)

Phil Eason and Steve Nallon (Ted and Lily Turine)

Sue Dacre (Madge)

Simon Buckley (Gran)

Steve Nallon (Duchess of Dingledale)

Simon Buckley (Sammy Davis Spook)

Heather Tobias (Lucy Spook)

Nigel Plaskitt (Nancy Spook)

Steve Nallon (Daphy Spook)

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