A Looney Tunes Christmas Carol Is An upcoming Film.


Daffy Duck as Scrooge

Bugs Bunny as Bob Cratchit

Baloney the Dinosaur as Fred

Father Time and Mrs. Information as Dinosaur Protection group members

Sylvester as Marley's Ghost

Bull Gator and Axel as the ghosts of Christmas past

Yosemite Sam as the ghost of Christmas present

Taz as the ghost of Christmas Yet-to-come

the Dinosaurs from Histeria as themselves

Foghorn Leghorn as the narrator

Henry hawk as himself

Bushwhacker Bob and Mum as Grave-diggers

Pricilla Pig and Porky Pig

Buddy Boar as Fezziwig, he says "Yo-ho, my boys!"

Tiny Tim pig

Marvin the Martian

M.J. Frog

Penelope Duck as Bettina Cratchit

Lola as Mrs. Cratchit

Bashful buzzard as Peter Cratchit

Minerva Mink as Sales-Mink

and more

coming soon

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