A Great Story
Genre Drama
Created by Gabriel Cidreira

Joanna Allie

Executive Producers Gabriel Cidreira

Joanna Allie
Reynald Johnson
Lola Stewart

Original channel The CW (USA)

Channel 4 (UK)

Developed by The CW Original Production

Red Apple Productions
Warner Bros. Television

Opening theme Carly Commando - Everyday (Season 1-3)

Epcot Entrance Medley theme (Season 4, The Final)

About the TV series

A Great Story is a drama series that airs on The CW.

The serie in the world

The TV series have a broadcast in the world.




  • RTL
  • RTL2 (reprise)

Puerto Rico





  • 1TV


  • Nederland 1
  • RTL4


Rewiew of the first chapter

The TV series are not a pilot.

It all starts on a busy bridge. It appears a Chevelle 1974 on the road, with two people, a boy of 10 years (Tyler Mueller) and a mother for nearly 30 years (Diana Mueller). His father (Harry Canner) truck driver was in search of riches on the road. A train was on the trail, track changes and accidentally ending will go toward the bridge. Tyler sees the train and advise the mother who was asleep at the wheel. He tries to wake her mother, but she seems unconscious. Try to drive the car but the car hit, then takes the mother, seeing that the train arrives more fast. Warn others that the train is coming, the only person who listened on the bridge, was a man of 38 years. I told him that the train arrived fast. The man saw and warned others. Every second the train arrived faster. 9 people out of their cars and told others, Tyler tries to wake up his mother before the train arrive and destroy everything. His father was against, saw the bridge and turned the gasoline truck. The train hit the first car, and sees Tyler's mother away from the accident. A blue car and tries to escape hood almost hitting Tyler and Diana. His father tries to flee, but the doors are locked, and the key on the outside of truck. About to hit Harry says: I have to leave, or die! Harry tries to flee, but after 20 seconds the train hit the fuel tank andexplodes. In the explosion, Tyler says, Dad! Nooooo!. It was a scene of destruction. Tyler sees her mother, and realizes he's hurt. Tyler picks up the phone and call the ambulance. Tyler enters the ambulance and sits next to her mother. Diana was still unconscious, but had no chance of dying. Suddenly, his mother wakes up and says, Tyler ... Tyler ... ... Where am I ...? .... Tyler says: You are in the hospital. I saved an accident. Diana suspiciously, says: Accident? How many died? Beside his mother says: No one died. Just got injured. Where are the wounded? Says his mother. In another room. Says Tyler.

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