A Good Place Christmas is an upcoming 2D computer-animated holiday flim based on The Good Place. The film will be released on Peacock on December 18th, 2020. Unlike the original series, which was live action, this film will be animated, with the animation being done by Toon Boom Harmony. The film was co-written, directed, and produced by series creator Micheal Schur. It was distributed by NBCUniversal Televison Distrubution and produced by Fremulon and 3 Arts Entertainment.


Micheal gets  fascinated about the concept of Christmas and wants to share it with the other demons, but with being a demon, the others are not that interested into Christmas, will Team Cockroach bring some holiday cheer to the demons?


Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani are getting ready for Christmas, Micheal enters in, wondering what's going on, Eleanor tells him that it's Christmas. Micheal gets interested in the holiday, but comments that he may be the only one interested as demons don't celebrate Christmas that much. The four humans, along with Janet and Micheal, then decided to spread some holiday cheer to the neighborhood.

The six  then gets confronted by Shawn and the demons, Jason attempts to give them a gift, but they destroy it and then beat him up, Team Cockroach then ran to somewhere safe, coming up with a plan on the way. They discuss their plans with the judge to celebrate Christmas and give cheer to the demons.

Eleanor then gives Micheal a paperclip bracelet, to remind him of their friendship, the six then continues their plans as they teach Micheal about Christmas. Shawn then realizes what happens and he, along with the other demons, destory his bracelet, hurting his feelings. Eleanor, along with the Judge, berates the demons about their actions before they went to comfort Micheal, Shawn realized that they went to far and come up with a plan to celebrate Christmas.

Team Cockroach comforts Micheal, saying that the Christmas they shared is the best christmas they had. The group is then surprised that the demons are celebrating, Shawn explains this by apologizing to Micheal and saying that even demons should celebrate the holidays.


  • Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop
  • William Jackson-Harper as Chidi Anagonye
  • Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil
  • Manny Jancito as Jason Mendoza
  • D'Arcy Carden as Janet
  • Ted Danson as Micheal
  • Marc Evan Jackson as Shawn
  • Tiya Sircar as Vicky
  • Josh Siegal as Glenn
  • Adam Scott as Trevor
  • Luke Guldan as Chris Baker
  • Maya Rudolph as Judge Gen
  • Mike O'Malley as Jeff The Doorman


On late August 2020, Micheal Schur sent a picture on his twitter account, it consisted of a blurry image that looked like a catus. Days later, Schur sent out the same picture, but with a clear image of a cactus with a bow wrapped around it, with the text "The Good Placce is about to bring your some holiday cheer". As soon as the other picture was sent out, The Good Place fandom started to freak out in excitement for the movie.

Weeks later, in an interview, Schur said that he will team up with Peacock and Toon Boom Harmony to create an animated special based on "The Good Place". He also said the original cast will reprise their roles. Productions will start in late September and will end in Early November.


  • This is Micheal Schur's first animated work
  • The film takes place between the 3rd and 4th seasons of The Good Place
  • Several characters, of The Good Place, along with Micheal Schur, make a cameo in the movie
  • This is the only time The Good Place had a Christmas Special
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