A Face Paint Story: The Lost World is an American CG-animated fantasy-comedy-drama film, serving as a sequel to 2001's A Face Paint Story, being directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. It is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, being released on October TBDth, 2020.


Set three years after the events of the first film, Abigail discovers a lost world hidden and she and Sidney explore. However, they must also save the lost world.


  • Drew Barrymore as Abigail, a Face Paint girl.
  • Matthew McConaughey as Sidney, a Bonga who is Jade's best friend.
  • Jerome Ranft as Muku, a Stegosaurus who is Sidney's friend. He was voiced by Joe Ranft in the first film.
  • Idris Elba as Glowby, a glowing creature from the Lost World.
  • Mr. T as TBD, a TBD who TBD.
  • [Mickey return]


Short film


The film, like the first film, is rated PG, this time for "action and peril, some rude humor and thematic elements."


  • Due to Joe Ranft's death in 2005, the actor for Muku was replaced by his brother Jerome Ranft.
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