A Crocodile's Miracle Characters.

Main Characters

Main characters of the movie.


Scales is a teenage crocodile who has a cool persona. He lives with his little sister and other siblings. He has a crush on a girl crocodile named Krissy.


Gail is a baby crocodile who is Scales' little sister. She has a baby tooth and doesn't have teeth like her older siblings. She is the youngest of the family and likes to be loved by Krissy.


Hawkeye is a red tailed hawk with a mohawk and wears sunglasses. He became Scales' best friend after being stuck in a tree. He has a crush on a female named Skye.


Krissy is a teenage crocodile who is Scales' girlfriend. She likes to treat Scales' little sister like her sister.


Toothster is a crocodile who is Krissy's same aged brother. He likes to eat hot dogs and loves to get belly rubs (Even if he has a stomach ache).


Disco is a crocodile who wears funky sunglasses, a peace necklace and wears a wig (Only on parties). She is Scales' next door neighbor and likes disco music. In her promo picture (For Merchandise and the movie itself), she wears a colorful bright tie dye shirt, a brown hippie vest, a flowered patterned headband, a brown skirt, a purple belt and brown boots.

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