A Clockwork Techique
Directed by Martin McDonagh
Produced by David Heyman
Jon Jashni
Martin McDonagh
Screenplay by Martin McDonagh
John Michael
Based on A Clockwork Orange
by Anthony Burgess
Legendary Pictures
Heyday Films
GK Films
Distributed by Warner Bros.

StudioCanal UK
(United Kingdom)
Country United States
United Kingdom
Language English

A Clockwork Techique is an upcoming dystopian black comedy crime film directed by Martin McDonagh, written by both Martin and his brother John Michael McDonagh, it is loosely based on the A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess and, a remake of 1971 adaptation of the same name directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film is American-British joint-production, it will be released worldwide through Warner Bros. Pictures and StudioCanal UK in the UK.


WB and StudioCanal UK announced another adaptation Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange and a less nasty version of the Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film titled A Clockwork Technique which, hues more toward the novels black comedy tone however like Kubrick's film the new version dystopia future format, Malcolm McDowell star of the original film will be brought as executive producer with Graham King.

Martin McDonagh will direct the film and produce the film with David Heyman and Jon Jashni as well as, co-write with his brother John Michael.

Like the original film it will be R-rated but unlike that film the new version features more futurstic technology such as AR, VR technology among other things, and follows Alex and droogs on a horffic crime spree during the UK's financial crisis meaning, nearly 55% of law enforcement has been layed off, following his capture, he is taken to an American prison to undergoing an experimental psychological conditioning technique called Sebastian Method or the Clockwork Technique (formeraly the "Ludovico Technique") supported by the UK's Minister of the Interior.

Filming will take place in the UK in the same locations used in the 1971 film and will also be filmed in San Quentin at the State Prison, San Rafael, used as both prison and rehabilitation center.


Warner Bros. Pictures will release the film worldwide and StudioCanal UK in Britain.

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