Alec Baldwin: The engines on Sir Topham Hatt’s railway love take a passengers from every station including Tidmouth and Knapford. A new station is being built. Thomas takes workmen to and from the construction site with Annie and Clarabel. Edward brought a new public address system. One day, Gordon was feeling grumpy. This was making James cross.

James: Why are you complaining all the time?

Gordon: Because I’m a big blue engine and I know everything. I shall complain whenever I want. You’re just a small red engine with ideas above your station.

Percy: I can’t see any.

Gordon: Any what?

Percy: Ideas above the station – the sky’s empty.

James: Like your smoke box, Percy! (laughs)

Alec Baldwin: But Gordon was still grumpy.

Gordon: One day, I’ll show you just what a big engine can really do.

Percy: So what can a big engine really do?

Gordon: Not speak to silly little green engines, for a start.

Alec Baldwin: Gordon puffed away. Later, Gordon taken an express to Tidmouth.

Gordon: I’m the fastest.

Alec Baldwin: Soon, Gordon arrived at Tidmouth. Sir Topham Hatt came to see him.

Sir Topham Hatt: Gordon, you’ll be making one stop today with an empty express to test our new station. You can make up time afterwards.

Gordon: Why can’t Henry do it? He likes idling in stations.

Sir Topham hatt: You will do as you are told.

Gordon: Yes, sir.

Alec Baldwin: So Gordon did. But he was still unhappy, and he grew sick, too.

Gordon: I just can’t get up to speed!

Gordon’s Fireman: It’s time for your visit to the Works. Your pipes are clogged.

Alec Baldwin: At last, they approached the new station. Gordon was impressed, but his mood soon changed. In front of him was a blank wall and huge buffers.

Edward: What are you think, Gordon?

Gordon: What a boring view. Important engines like me should have a panoramic view – where I can see people and people can see me.

Alec Baldwin: And he wheeshed angrily. Gordon was happy when it was time to leave.

Gordon’s Driver: Now you can really enjoy your run, as long as your pipes will let you!

(Gordon picks up speed as he travels along the Main Line.)

Gordon: Come on! Come on! I can go faster than this! Sick? Me? Never!

Alec Baldwin: But Gordon began to feel more and more feeble. And soon he came to a complete stop.

Gordon: What happened?

Alec Baldwin: His Driver and Fireman inspected him.

Gordon’s Fireman: Something’s broken inside you, Gordon. Now you really will have to go to the Works.

Alec Baldwin: Gordon was still fuming when James arrived to collect his coaches.

James: Well, well, well – so much for knowing about everything. You got too puffed up in your boiler, so it serves you right!

Alec Baldwin: Edward had to take Gordon to the Works to be repaired. When Gordon returned from the Works a few days later, he was still boasting.

Gordon: I am the finest engine on the Island of Sodor. Probably the finest in the world.

Sir Topham Hatt: Come on, Gordon. We’re going to the official opening of the new station.

(Gordon sets off and quickly picks up speed.)

Alec Baldwin: Then there was trouble. As Gordon approached the new station, neither the Driver nor Fireman could apply his brakes. Something had jammed. The Driver reduced steam, but Gordon was still going too fast.

Gordon: I can't stop! I can't stop! Whoa!

(Gordon crashes into the buffers and goes through the back wall, which damages his front end.)

Gordon: Help me, pleeeeeease!

(A little while later, Sir Topham Hatt and Gordon’s crew are lifted up on a scissor lift in front of Gordon. The crash has given Sir Topham Hatt a black eye and the Fireman’s arm is in a sling.)

Sir Topham Hatt: Well, Gordon. I knew you wanted a panoramic view, but this is not the way to achieve it!

Gordon: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

Alec Baldwin: Workmen propped up the wall with strong poles and laid rails. Then, the Scottish twin engines, Donald and Douglas arrived.

Donald and Douglas: Dinna fash yerself, Gordon. We’ll soon hae ye back on the rails.

Alec Baldwin: Donald and Douglas, puffing hard, managed to haul Gordon back to safety. The Twin laugh and take him back to the Works. When Gordon was repaired again, he took Sir Topham Hatt to the new station for its second official opening.

(When Gordon arrives, he discovers that the hole in the wall had been adjusted into the shape of an engine’s smokebox with a sign next to it saying “Gordon’s view”.)

Alec Baldwin: This time he arrived safely, and everyone clapped and cheered as he pulled in.

Sir Topham Hatt: Ladies and gentlemen, engines and coaches. I am very proud to open this new station in the Kirk Ronan Branch Line for the very first time! Gordon, your panoramic view is here to stay! I trust you will always see through it from the safety of your own rails!

Gordon: Yes, sir.

Sir Topham Hatt: Ahem, so without further ado, I declare this station open!

Alec Baldwin: The new station named Kirk Ronan is opened so the engines take a passengers and Gordon takes an express.

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