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A Beaver Named Roadkill is a fifth episode of the first Season of Beast Wars: Transformers (2015 Series), Following the revival of the series ten years after its cancellation in 2003.





Brian Blooms as Optimus Primal

Jason Spisak as Cheetor

Tom Kenny as Rattrap

Kevin Michael Richardson as Rhinox

John DiMaggio as Dinobot

Dave Fennoy as Tigatron

Elizabeth Daily as Airazor

Cam Clarke as K-9

Troy Baker as Jetfire

Clancy Brown as Grizzly-1

Nolan North as Roadkill (Joined the Team)


Jeff Bennett as Megatron

Tom Kenny as Waspinator

Michael T. Wiess as Scorponok

Gary Anthony Williams as Terrorsaur

John Kassir as Tarantulas

Tasia Valenza as Blackarachnia

Dwight Schultz as Inferno



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