A Bathroom Tale is the 2018 animated horror short film based on the seventh chapter of The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares ,


It starts in an abandoned building. Inside there was a woman, who was dealing with constipation. Suddenly, she hears a "tick." The lights went off and she thinks that her friends are playing a trick on her. 

A Few hours ago, Her classmates are talking about something's going on in the school's bathroom. Her best friend tells her that there's a ghost that's been taken a girl away few days ago. A woman told her that she didn't buy it before she decides to go to the bathroom. Her friend told her not to go in the last stall on the right but she didn't listen. In the bathroom, she walked to the last stall, ignore her best friend right before the flashback ends.

A woman hears a door opening and lift up her legs in fear. She heard a "creeak" and "clank". She wish her friends can just cut it out because it's freaking her out. She heard someone walking. She heard the stall doors creeking opened. Suddenly, she sees what appears to be the ghost, causing her to scream. It turns out to be her best friend who's telling not to go to the stall she's in because it was all out of toilet paper and reminds her to lock the door next time. She gave her some toilet paper before closing the door. A woman was embarrassed of all that. She thought to herself that she should've known that there is no such things as ghosts.


  • Kiernan Shipka as Emily
  • Kelli Berglund as Jill
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