A13x1s, also known as Todd McFarlane's A13x1s, is a American horror-action-comedy comic book series being created by Todd McFarlane, being handled by Image Comics since September 1st, 1999.


A lab creation in an attempt to make a forever teenage girl escapes from a lab. Thanks to her organ regeneration ability and her fighting skills, she becomes a killing "machine" for the bad guys in her sight (and at times some good guys) while protecting various people from various villains, especially her main nemesis.



  • A13x1s/Alexis Munday - a forever teenage girl who was created in an attempt to make teenager girl that never ages, and is considered an anti-hero, killing people and doing stuff... both for the good and evil. It is also shown that she has the big thing for drinking various sodas, being labelled as a "soda-holic".
    • Mel - a coyote who is Alexis's pet since Issue 15, however got killed off in the [latest] issue by sacrificing himself to save Alexis by TBD.
    • [Mel's replacement]


  • Malik Thompson - the police officer who is the first ally that Alexis helped. He is one of Alexis's recurring allies.
  • [teenage African American boy, Malik's son]
  • Tom Harkins - a teenage boy who helped Alexis on saving his girlfriend from meeting her doom.
  • The Egglin - a goofy-looking egg with arms and legs who speaks gibberish.
  • Carrie Fields - a teenage girl who is Tom's girlfriend.
  • Maddlynn "Maddie" - a badly-damaged Face Paint who is Alexis's close friend, as well as one of her recurring allies.
  • Dante - a demon who lives in the demon village of [reserved for Coolot (if he wants to help)], and assisted Alexis.
  • Devin Scott - A slightly egotistical young scientist who was inspired by the creation of Alexis and has attempted to create a young woman, but has failed.
  • M0NST3R/The Monster - a large Tyrannosaurus rex-slug-coyote hybrid who was created in the same laboratory Alexis was created in and escaped years before Alexis was even being created, as she has encountered her and end up befriending each other as they start doing some rather good and evil stuff.


  • Eldon Doux - a cold-hearted and (at times) grumpy demon/human-hybrid millionare/scientist who wants Alexis dead, and the main antagonist of the comics.
    • H011e/Halie - a human lab creation who was created by combining the blood of Eldon and Alexis, meant to be a rival to Alexis.
  • The Road Rangers, consisting of:
    • Ed - the leader of the Road Rangers who is very charismatic and punk-like.
    • TBD
  • Apex - A giant brute experimented on and transformed into a killing machine.
  • Claire McFarlane - a beautiful, but selfish woman.
  • Malphagesaur - a giant yellow dinosaur that has extreme strength and viciousness.
  • The Society, consisting of:
    • Gustav Dengar/the Gentleman - a calm man with a cane who leads the Society and is capable of moving buildings with his mind.
  • Daimyo Ashitaka - a time displaced daimyo who plots to kill Alexis and take over the world to make a great empire.
  • The Action Figures - action figures replica of Alexis Munday and her friends that almost killed everyone.
  • Joe Grimm - a professional mercenary who injected himself with drugs turning himself into the perfect super soldier.
  • [villain who wanted to kill all demons]
  • Death Worm - a vicious giant worm who eats everything in its path, as it can also spray acid.



See List of A13x1s issues.


Television series

Video games

She appeared as a guest character in Soulcalibur V and Mortal Kombat 11. [any other fighting games?]



Direct to Video/Made for TV


See A13x1s/Tropes.



  • The series was rumored to be set in the same universe as the Spawn universe, since McFarlane created both characters.
    • The rumor is confirmed to be TBD.
  • It is confirmed by Todd McFarlane that Alexis will stay single.
  • Alexis is the third character to appear in both Soulcalibur and Mortal Kombat games, after Kratos and Spawn.
    • Interestingly, both Alexis and Spawn appeared in Mortal Kombat 11 while Kratos appeared in PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Mortal Kombat (the 2011 reboot).
  • A13x1s is considered one of the hottest comic book characters.
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