Mr. Lee has disappeared, but Guan is still out there with the Serpent's Tail army.


  • A.T.O.M. (Alpha Teens on Machines):
    • Axel Manning (James Arnold Taylor)
    • King (Aldis Hodge)
    • Hawk (Charlie Schlatter)
    • Lioness (Alli Mauzey)
    • Shark (Brian Donovan)
    • Madia (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - wears a pink suit, she's sometimes a clutz
    • Garrett (Josh Keaton)
    • Dragon (Troy Baker)


  • The Serpent's Tail:
    • Snake (Bruce Greenwood) - true main antagonist and the one who turned Guan into his servant
    • Guan (Eric Bauza) - the leader and main antagonist
    • Vixen (Andrea Baker) - Guan's second in command
    • Skunk (Dee Bradley Baker)
    • Chtchullu (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Phantom Ryder (Andre Braugher) - has the ability to absorb souls, and was responsible for the death of Madia's big sister


Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Summary
53 Original Sin, Part 1 August 19, 2012 A ghost of Axel's father appears before him at night and warns him about a monster that Guan plans to resurrect.
54 Original Sin, Part 2 August 26, 2012

Axel sneaks of during the night and finds Guan opening a portal and follows him in.

Conclusion: The team wonder where both Axel and Guan had disappeared to.

55 Original Sin, Part 3 September 2, 2012 Garret finds a way to re-open Guan's portal and when the team enter it they find that it is a portal to the past; the day that Axel was born and find that Guan attempts to kill Axel's mother before she gives birth.
56 Resonance September 9, 2012 Mr. Lee Returns - Coming Soon
57 A Brief History of Time September 16, 2012 Mr. Lee reveals that when the Serpent's Tale confronted him to work for them, it wasn't the first time that he confronted Guan as he revealed that years before Guan formed the Serpent's Tale he and Lee where friends and worked together to create a better future by after a horrible accident where his wife was murdered, Guan turned to a dark master named Snake who placed the spirit of the serpent inside him which caused Guan to lose his memory and become evil. Following that he formed the Serpent's Tale as a means to dominate the world.
58 Hard Target September 23, 2012 Axel losess his memories of the last 24hours and tries to find the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Guan is almost assassinated twice and it turns out that during a battle between the Alpha Teens and the Serpent's Tale, Guan's new weapon causes Axel to lose his memory and the rest of the team to get teleported to Guan's new base, which is halfway between the surface and the planet's core and all this causes Dragon to believe that the team are dead and it is revealed that he is the one trying to assassinate Guan.
59 Alpha Female September 30, 2012 Madia, a new girl who Shark has a crush on joins the team as they face an all new more powrful enemy from her past named the Phantom Ryder with the ability to absorb souls, but the team soon discover that he was responsible for the death of Madia's older sister.
60 Overflow October 7, 2012 Coming Soon
61 Pier Pressure October 14, 2012 Coming Soon
62 Flight of the Hawks October 21, 2012 Hawk goes up against a cyborg version of him self designed by the Serpent's Tale to eliminate the team.
63 TBA October 28, 2012
64 TBA November 4, 2012
65 TBA November 11, 2012
66 TBA November 18, 2012
67 TBA November 25, 2012
68 TBA December 2, 2012
69 TBA December 9, 2012
70 Target: Guan December 16, 2012
71 January 6, 2013
72 January 13, 2013
73 January 20, 2013
74 January 27, 2013
75 February 3, 2013
76 February 10, 2013
77 Endgame, Part 1 February 17, 2013
78 Endgame, Part 2 February 24, 2013 The final battle between the Alpha Teens and the Serpent's Tale occurs and Lioness and Axel share their first kiss.

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