503 and 786 is an American animated television series for Disney Channel. The show is about two characters - a hot-tempered, deceptive, blue tiger named Tiger #503 (pronounced "five-oh-three") and a good-hearted, sneaky, yellow rabbit named Rabbit #786 (pronounced "seven-eight-six").


503 tries to hunt down 786 because he wants to eat 786. But 786 sometimes manage to escape.


  • 503 (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) is a blue tiger who is constantly trying to capture and eat 786. He is as fast as 786 but not as smart. He has wolverine-like claws and modify them to make a weapon. He is a carnivore.
  • 786 (voiced by Keith Ferguson) is a cute, yellow, smart and fast rabbit. Whenever in danger, 786 can burrow underground can come up from anywhere on the terrain.


  • Like Pucca, the main characters don't speak.
  • This second series where the majority of characters from Disney animated movies came from Disney Animated Canon from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Atlantis: The Lost Empire, with the exception of Dinosaur, due to it being CGI, just like Disney's House of Mouse.
    • Unlike the first series, however, it included characters from the Princess and the Frog.
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