Air Date

May 10, 2013


Maximillion Hendricks (Rob Riggle) is driven home back to his manor, smoking, having a great time, until a ball hits his window. He looks out the window to see kids playing baseball in his yard, he went outside and shout, "Hey you kids! Get the h*** off my lawn!", the kids throw rocks at him. Hendricks is so angry, he wants to do something with them, so he calls his men, that it's time to put an end to childhood. Jack Cates breaks out Reggie Hammond from his prison cell after 2 years in order for him to help out against drug dealing, child hater, Maximillion Hendricks and put him behind bars, because Jack has 48 hours (1:00 in the morning, and 3:00 at night) to catch him.


  • Jack Cates (Patrick Dempsey)
  • Reggie Hammond (David Spade)
  • Abigail Cates (Amanda Bynes) - Jack's daughter
  • Chief Johnson (Oliver Platt)
  • Ben Kehoe (David Thewlis)
  • Maximillion Hendricks (Rob Riggle) - main villain
  • John LeBabe (John Lithgow)
  • Jena Forbes (Jennifer Love Hewit)
  • Taxi Driver (Kevin Grievoux)
  • Sabrina Owens (Queen LaTeffah)
  • Joeseph Marcus (XHIBIT)
  • Cash (Michael Clarke Duncan)
  • Peter Berkley (Billy Bob Thornton)
  • Tyler Cates (Xander Berkley) - Jacks Brother
  • Sleezy (David Willis)
  • Big O Murry (Anthony Anderson)
  • Dr. Wesley Gordon (Michael Keaton)
  • Tairo Jeph (Arnold Vosloo)
  • Kina Jorgon (Uma Thurman)
  • Kirk Marcus (Ogie Banks) - drugs dealer!
  • Jean Marcus (LaShawn Jeffries)
  • Oscar Troy (Alfred Molina)
  • Nina Troy (Andrea Martin) - Oscar's wife!
  • Ian Grant (Craig T. Nelson)
  • Toby Rich (Patrick Warburton)
  • Amada Wolfe (Amy Adams)
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