3 2 1 Exodus is an upcoming flash animated series created by TBD set to air in 2020


In the Town of Pride Beach USA. Monsters have attacked in response Governments from all around the world have created Project Exodus. Since the Serum they made only could affect kids from ages 12-15 they recruited 5 12 year olds and created division 1. These 5 kids must stop the Monsters and save the day!


Division 1

Eric Castle

The Leader of Division 1. He is known for his bubbly behavior.

Hannah Knight

Eric's Love Interest and the Heart of Division 1

Blake Carson

The Genius of Division 1. He is the shyest of the Group.

Kelly Johnson

She is the Brawn of Division 1. She is hotheaded and you shouldn't mess with her.

Samuel "Sammy" Clarkson

The Last Member of Division 1

Supporting Characters

Dr. Melissa Clarkson

She is Sammy's Mother and one of the Scientists of Project Exodus.

Dr. Carl Lawson

He is one of the Scientists of Project Exodus.


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International Dub Titles

Like many TV Shows there are several dubs in multiple languages

3 2 1出エジプト記! (Japanese Dub)

3 2 1 ¡Éxodo! (Spanish Dub)

3 2 1 Exode! (French Dub)

3 2 1 อพยพ! (Thai Dub)

3 2 1 Esodo! (Italian Dub)

가기! 프로젝트 출마! (Korean Dub translates to Go! Project Exodus!)

3 2 1 Èxode! (Catalan Dub)

3 2 1出埃及记! (Chinese Dub)

Projekt Exodus gegen Monster (German Dub)


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