31 Minutos (roughly 31 Minutes) is an Chilean puppet series created in 2003 by Pedro Peirano and Alvaro Diaz.

The series focuses on a fictional news named 31 Minutos, hosted by Tulio Triviño and his friends whose tried to give serious news, but never will did it.

Turner Entertainment now owns the international broadcasting rights for 31 Minutos and made an English dub of the series, airing on Cartoon Network (whose Latin American version had the series aired on it before), Boomerang and WB Kids as 31 Minutes in the English dub.

Names in the English Dub

English Spanish
Tulio Trivino Tulio Triviño Tufillo
John Charles Bodow Juan Carlos Bodoque
Johnny John Harris Juanín Juan Harry
Policarp Avendano Policarpo Avendaño
Mario Hugo Mario Hugo
Patana Tufillo Patana Tufillo
Mike the Micophone Mico el Micófono
Argyle Sock Man Calcetín con Rombos Man
Soccer Von Ball Balón Von Bola
Ralph Boxerglove Raúl Guantecillo
Tennison Salinas Tenison Salinas
Mr. Eugene Hose Eusebio Manguera
Guachimingo Huachimingo
Jackson Olive Jackson Aceituno
Rosie Sheep Rosario Central
Cossimo Gianni Cósimo Gianni
Carla Blonde Carla Rubio
Flute and Locust Flauta y Langosta
Dante Magicbomb Dante Torobolino
Guaripolo Guaripolo
Uncle Baldhead Tío Pelado
Bongo Stingo Bongo Stingo
Uncle Horace Tío Horacio
Tramoyans Los Tramoyas



  • Pedro Peirano - Tulio Triviño, Raúl Guantecillo
  • Álvaro Diaz - Juan Carlos Bodoque, Balón Von Bola, Rosario Central
  • Rodrigo Salinas - Juanín Juan Harry, Mario Hugo, Ténison Salinas, Cosimo Gianni, Flauta
  • Daniel Castro - Policarpo Avendaño, Mico el Micófono, Calcetín con Rombos Man, Huachimingo, Jackson Aceituno
  • Alejandra Dueñas - Patana Tufillo
  • Fernando Solís - Eusebio Manguera
  • Francisco Schultz - Bongo Stingo, Dante Torobolino
  • Karla Estrada - Carla Rubio
  • Patricio Diaz - Guaripolo, Langosta



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Difference between in the dubs

  • Some cursing, scenes and toilet humor are removed to appeal tp American audiemces.
  • The Season 4 intro is used for the show.
  • The logo for the Consejo Nacional de Televisión is removed at the intro.
  • Titirilquén (the fictional setting of the show) was renamed to "Puppetsville"
  • Some Latin America-made songs are replaced by other songs made by artists.
  • Mike the Micophone, Argyle Sock Man, Jackson Olive and the Tramoyans are redesigned for the dub.
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