30 of Worst Attractions is television documentary special on Travel Channel. It follows the top 30 picks of theme parks, attractions, zoos, shows, and others that're consider worst.

List of attractions

# Attractions Year running Types Reasons Good Qualities
Superstar Limo 2001-2002 Dark ride
  1. The concept was boring and wired
  2. The ride itself don't felt Disney, because it felt like a Six Flags attraction
  3. The animatronics looked nothing like animatronics, they were just animated statues
  4. The setting from the entrance to the ride looked awfully cartoony
  5. The puppets that were used in the attractions looks creepy and nightmarish
  1. The ride was closed and later got replaced by Monster's Inc.: Sulley and Mike to the Rescue
The Fear Factor Live Stunt show
Action Park Theme park
Primeval Whirl
TriceraTop Spin
Dino-Rama Themed land
Stitch's Great Escape
Journey into Your Imagination/Journey into Your Imagination with Figment Dark ride
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