2 Broke Girls: The Animated Series is an American adult animated sitcom based on the television sitcom of the same name, being created by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings. It is produced by Michael Patrick King Productions, Studio T and Warner Bros. Animation and it airs on TBS since February 19, 2019.


The series takes place two years before the show ended and follows Max and Caroline as they have fun adventures at the Williamsburg Diner.



  • Maxine "Max" George Black (voiced by Kat Dennings) is one of the waitresses at the Williamsburg Diner. She always wears knee-high brown leather boots while waitressing.
  • Caroline "Carol" Wesbox Channing (voiced by Beth Behrs) is a waitress at the Williamsburg Diner. Caroline always wears large pearl necklaces with her waitress uniform, as well as light brown sandals. Unlike the original show, she appears to be fat, causing her weight gain for eating many food and diet drinks according to the show's first episode.
  • Earl Washington (voiced by Garrett Morris) is the elderly cashier who has worked at the Williamsburg Diner since 1962, or 1989, and a former jazz musician with a love of marijuana and gambling.
  • Vanko Oleg Golishevsky (voiced by Jonathan Kite) is a Ukrainian cook at the Williamsburg Diner.
  • Han Lee (voiced by Matthew Moy) is the owner of the Williamsburg Diner.
  • Zofia "Sophie" Kaczynski (voiced by Jennifer Coolidge) is a buxom Polish woman who owns a cleaning company, lives in the apartment above the girls, and often regales them with stories about her sex life and growing up in Communist Poland.


  • Alan (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is a strange man who wants befriends Max and Caroline.
  • Randy (voiced by Ed Quinn) is a lawyer who becomes Max's lover while the girls are in Hollywood to discuss the movie adaptation of Caroline's life story. He later breaks up their relationship before she leaves town, saying that he likes her too much and knows how long-distance relationships usually end, but he then follows her to New York and they briefly continue the relationship.
  • Bobby (voiced by Christopher Gorham) is a contractor who helps rebuild the dessert bar after a storm, and soon becomes Caroline's love interest.
  • "Candy" Andy (voiced by Ryan Hansen is a candy-store owner whose business was across from the cupcake store.



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  • 2 Broke Girls: The Animated Series is an animated version of 2 Broke Girls, which aired on CBS between 2011 and 2017.
  • The series shares the flat-shaded 'lineless' style like various Canadian flash animated series such as Producing Parker, 6teenDelilah & Julius, Stoked, Willa's Wild Life and Ruby Gloom.
  • Unlike the original show, this animated show has no laugh track.
  • The 2015 Warner Bros. Animation logo is used the music of the current Warner Bros. Television logo in the show's closing logos.
  • This time Caroline has her shortened name called "Carol".
  • The show's theme song uses a funky hip-hop style version of "Second Chance" by Peter Bjorn and John.
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