24 minutos, la película is an animated film based on the Mexican television show 24 Minutos, directed by Zack Isaac Sanchez and Liza Ramirez Sanchez. The movie premiere for the public had been scheduled since late 2019, but was delayed for several improvements in its post-production phase, including conducting a contest to find the voices of some characters. The film premiered in Mexico on 2021.


  • Javier Ariel Cervantes - A dolphin-like creature, leader of 24 Minutos.
  • Maite Emilio Castañeda - A female dolphin-like creature and anchor of 24 Minutos
  • Cuasimodo Jorge Rodríguez - A clownfish-like creature with a gambling problem. A popular journalist on 24 Minutos.
  • Eugenio M. Cervantes - Javier's cousin and a young reporter.
  • Matías "El Barriga" Núñe - An awkward axolotl and reporter.
  • Frida Zapata - A news commentator.
  • Pelón del Perdón - a talking hair creature with a hearing problem. Works as a sports commentator
  • Siguapana - A selfish ruppet and collector of Ruppets.
  • Tía Fuenzalida - A farmer.
  • Afina - Siguapana's assistant
  • Emiliano Kahlo - Frida's husband.
  • Gustavo Fuenzalida - The son of Tía Fuenzalida.
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