24 Minutos
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Created by

Zack Isaac Sanchez
Liza Ramirez Sanchez

Directed by

Heriberto López de Anda
Laura Chávez Díaz


Zack Isaac Sanchez
Liza Ramirez Sanchez
Alejandro Martínez
Christian Salcido
Héctor Amavizca
Liliana Rascón
Oscar Hidalgo
Ramón Baturoni
Fernando Meza
Armando González

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Original network

Cartoon Network
Azteca Uno


24 minutos (English: 24 minutes) is a Mexican children's television programme and franchise which takes the form of a mock news broadcast, and is fronted by puppets who present various items. It was first aired in August 2, 2019 on Azteca Uno and Cartoon Network. The programme was devised by Zack Isaac Sanchez and Liza Ramirez Sanchez and produced by Little Witch Pictures.

The puppets of 24 minutos represent ironic imitations of famous Mexican television celebrities and there are many references to incidents or television events which characterized Mexico in the 2000s.

A movie version entitled 24 minutos, la película, that was shot in Mexico City and Los Angeles, premiered in Mexican cinemas on 2021.

Voice cast, characters and puppetry

Many of the characters of the show are parodying (or are just inspired after) Mexican TV personalities or famous local journalists.

  • Zack Isaac Sanchez as Javier Cervantes (leader, parody of Javier Alatorre)
  • Liza Ramirez Sanchez as Maite Castañeda (journalist, probably a parody of Maite Perroni)
  • Alejandro Martínez as Cuasimodo Rodríguez
  • Christian Salcido as Amadeo Rivera (entertainment commentator, parody of Carlos Loret de Mola)
  • Héctor Amavizca as Eugenio Cervantes (Javier's cousin; Reporter)
  • Liliana Rascón as Valeria Villalobo (reporter)
  • Oscar Hidalgo as Polo Sigüenza (the parody of Polo Rojas and Héctor Sigüenza)
  • Ramón Baturoni as Guillermo Montenegro (reporter)
  • Fernando Meza as Jacinto Reyes (reporter)
  • Armando González as Pelón del Perdón (sports commentator, parody of Plutarco Haza and Raúl Araiza)
  • Matías "La Barriga" Núñez (sports commentator, parody of Enrique "El Perro" Bermúdez)
  • Frida Zapata (sports reporter)
  • Emiliano Kahlo (explosive celebrity, parody of Juan Gabriel, Cantinflas, Capulina and Pedro Infante)
  • Ernesto Negerte (mariachi singer, parody of Vicente Fernández)
  • Facundo de la Cruz (Lucha libre, superhero, parody of El Santos)
  • Fátima Bernoulli (owner of the channel)
  • Henckahatawan (news reporter, parody of Powhatan)
  • El Inframundo (murderer)
  • Nesa Bolaño (journalist, parody of Katie Curtis)
  • Irma Fuenzalida (elderly children's entertainer, parody of Mariah Carey)


Most of the songs were composed by Alex Lora.

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