This is a 22-minute pitch reel from July 2003 that is hosted by Fred the Ostrich and Ralph the Bear telling Nickelodeon to air a new Nicktoons series featuring Nick's first kid superhero. It also features a group of Whatnots and several other characters from previous Fred the Ostrich specials along with Fred the Ostrich & His Pals, including Boogedy, Glare, a yet-unnamed Donald, Larry the Dairy Monster, an early Ernie Monster, Gary the Green Elephant, Bob the Blue Giraffe, the Sunny Day Monster, and three ostriches in a board meeting. There, they try to come up with a name for the first kid superhero show on Nickelodeon. At the pitch reel's conclusion, Fred finally evicts the group, and as he asks the bear about the new series, Ralph explains that the new series will be about a teenage boy who fights ghosts with help of a geek boy and a Goth girl. Fred suggests that he should get a show with an official title called "Danny Phantom" which they should let Nickelodeon air it next year.

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