107 Facts You Should Know About Cartoon Network: CN School is a YouTube video published by ChannelFrederator.


(Channel Frederator intro)

(Shows a picture of Dexter)

Jacob: From Dexter...

(Shows a picture of K.O.)

Jacob: To K.O, 16 students have been forced to take a school after the almighty Aku made a deal with the CEO, taking their life in a new turn! So, you kids ready to learn? Because I, Jacob, am about to tell you 107 interesting facts about Cartoon Network: CN School!


Jacob: Fact Number 1. Cartoon Network: CN School was first published on September 5, 2018, being developed by IDW Publishing and DC Comics.


Jacob: Fact Number 2. This was the first time IDW Publishing and Archtive Partners made a comic together.


Jacob: Fact Number 3. The comic book series has a running gag that happens in almost every issue, which involves the Croc beating up the students, especially Chicken!


Jacob: Fact Number 4. The only five students the Croc will NEVER attack are Bubbles, Claire, Ed, Kevin, and Nessie.


Jacob: Fact Number 5. (W.I.P.)

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