ルバドゥバー is the Japanese dub of Rubbadubbers. It is dubbed by 81 Produce in association with Aoni Production and airs on Cartoon Network and NHK Educational TV. The CGI revival/continuation series Back in the Bathroom! was also dubbed in Japanese, known as ルバドゥバー: それは再びバスタイムです! (Rubbadubbers: It's Bathtime Again!) in that region, and aired on the same channels as the stop-motion series.

Voice cast


Character(s) Actor

(ゲッキ, Gecki)

Kazuyuki Okitsu

Terence (テレンス)

Tomokazu Seki


Hōchū Ōtsuka


Maria Darling (original voice)

(ロボットさん, Mr. Robot/Robot-san)

Inuko Inuyama


Ryō Hirohashi


Rica Matsumoto
Stephanie (It's Bathtime Again! only)




Character(s) Appearance(s) Actor


Terence's Double Trouble Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Finlay Finbar and the Mighty Sharks (Mighty Sharks Galore!) ???


Season 1
Original Title Japanese Title Translation
Tubb the Pirate ゲッキは海賊だ Gecki is a Pirate
Terence's Double Trouble テレンスの二重のトラブル Terence's Double Trouble
Reg the Monster リーブミー単独モンスターの攻撃! Attack of the Leave-Me Alone Monster!
Sploshy's Tail スプロシーは尻尾を持っている!?! Sploshy has a tail!?!
Tubb the Magician ゲッキの魔法の間違い Gecki's Magical Mistake
Deep Sea Reg 深海ロボット Deep Sea Robot
Scary Finbar 怖いフィンバー Scary Finbar
Train Driver Tubb ゲッキと暴走列車 Gecki and the Runaway Train
Sploshy of the Arctic スプロシーの北極の冒険 Sploshy's Arctic Adventure
Sploshybird スプロシーとサウンドハンター Sploshy and the Sound Hunters
Terence of Arabia アラビアのテレンス Terence of Arabia
Speedy Terence グレートタオルバレーレース The Great Towel Valley Race
Amelia the Babysitter アメリアのベビーシッターの問題 Amelia's Babysitting Problems
Season 2
Original Title Japanese Title Translation
Princess Amelia アメリアはどうした? What's Wrong with Amelia?
Rocket Sled Reg ロボットとロケットそり A Robot and his Rocket Sled
Terence the Shopkeeper テレンスの店へようこそ! Welcome to Terence's Shop!
Tubb the Frog Prince ゲッキのクエスト Gecki's Quest
Amelia and the Detectives アメリアのスポンジは? Where is Amelia's Sponge?
Soccer Player Tubb サッカー選手ゲッキ Soccer Player Gecki
Finbar the Star フィンバー自身の映画 Finbar's Own Movie
Spaceman Reg ロボットさんの月旅 Mr. Robot's Moon Trip
Doctor Terence Dr. テレンス Dr. Terence
Super Amelia アメリアのスーパーヒーローテスト Amelia's Superhero Test
Sploshy the Stoneseeker ストーンシーカーのスプロシー Sploshy the Stoneseeker
Sheriff Terence テレンスのワイルド、ワイルドウェスト Terence's Wild, Wild West
Tubb's Cake Mistake ゲッキのケーキの間違い Gecki's Cake Mistake
Season 3
Original Title Japanese Title Translation
Finbar's Rescuers フィンバーの救助隊 Finbar's Rescuers
Finbar and the Green Hat Gang フィンバーが選ぶ!? Finbar gets to choose!?
Terence the Spy テレンスの秘密の使命 Terence's Secret Mission
Terence's Bubble Trouble テレンスのバブルトラブル Terence's Bubble Trouble
Finbar's Important Part フィンバーの重要な部分 Finbar's Important Part
Copy Sploshy スプロシーの後にコピー Copy after Sploshy
Reg's Game Plan ゲームランドのロボット氏 Mr. Robot in Gameland
Farmer Sploshy スプロシーは農家になる Sploshy becomes a farmer
Little Red Riding Tubb ゲッキの舞台プレイトラブル Gecki's Stage Play Trouble
Silly Sploshy スプロシーがサーカスに参加 Sploshy Joins the Circus
Terence's Ties テレンスの学校の最初の日 Terence's First Day of School
Reg in Squareworld サークル警察に気をつけろ! Watch Out for the Circle Police!
Amelia the Diver アメリアゴーズダイビング Amelia Goes Diving
Season 4
Original Title Japanese Title Translation
Finbar's Gift フィンバーデーのお祝い Finbar Day Celebration
Finbar and the Ghosts G-G-ゴースト, フィンバー G-G-Ghosts, Finbar
Sploshy's Wishes スプロシーとマジックボトル Sploshy and the Magic Bottle
Sporty Reg ロボットさんの運動会 Mr. Robot's Sports Day
The House That Tubb Built ゲッキが建てた家 The House That Gecki Built
Terence the Monster Hunter モンスターハンターテレンス Monster Hunter Terence
Reg and the Library ロボットの不思議の図書館 Mr. Robot's Library of Wonders
Tuffty Tubb ゲッキの毛深い状況 Gecki's Hairy Situation
Lighthouse Keeper Reg ロボット氏の灯台キーピング Mr. Robot's Lighthouse Keeping
Tubb's Towers ゲッキの塔 Gecki's Towers
Messenger Terence テレンスの探検航海 Terence's Explorer Voyage
Skypainter Amelia スカイペインター・アメリア Skypainter Amelia
Finbar the Word Shark 一言で何だ フィンバー? What's the Word, Finbar?
It's Bathtime Again! (Season 1)
Original Title Japanese Title Translation
Gymnast Tubb ??? ???
Amelia's Holiday アメイラのあまり楽しくない休日 Ameila's Not-So-Fun Holiday
Inspector Reg ミスター・ロボット 警部 Mr. Robot, the Inspector
Terence's Clubhouse テレンス クラブハウス Terence's Clubhouse
Zookeeper Sploshy 動物園でのトラブル Trouble at the Zoo
Snake Charmer Finbar 強大なサメとヘビ The Mighty Shark and the Snake
Tubb the Baker ??? ???
Safari Trekker Amelia アメリアのサファリトレック Amelia's Safari Trek
Finbar and the Mighty Sharks マイティシャークスガロア! Mighty Sharks Galore!
Reg's Yard Sale Problem ヤードセールの状況 The Yard Sale Situation
Muddy Finbar フィンバーは泥を取得します Finbar Gets Muddy
Reg the Railway Controller ロボットコントローラ The Robot Controller
Terence's Science Wonders サイエンスメイヘム Science Mayhem
It's Bathtime Again! Specials
Original Title Japanese Title Translation
How the Rubbadubbers Came to Be ルバドゥバーズ: 真実の物語 Rubbadubbers: The True Story
Rubbadubbers Christmas Special テレンスはクリスマスを保存します Terence Saves Christmas
The Wizard of Splosh スプロッシュの魔法使い The Wizard of Splosh


  • Weirdly enough, the terms "football" and "football player" is still referred to as "soccer" and "soccer player" respectively in the Japanese dub of the episode "Footballer Tubb," which was retitled to "Soccer Player Gecki" in Japan (like in the US/Canada versions), whereas the term "holiday" is still used as such rather than using it's US counterpart, "vacation", in the Japanese dubs of "Scary Finbar" (from the original series) and "Amelia's Holiday" (from the CGI revival/continuation).
  • The Japanese title for Sploshy of the Arctic, Sploshy's Arctic Adventure, is a reference to the title of the Rubbadubbers book "Arctic Adventure!".
  • Monster Hunter Terence, which is the Japanese title for Terence the Monster Hunter may coincidentally be a reference to TBA....

Voice Characteristics

  • Lawrence's Japanese voice sounds similar to Sonic's Japanese voice.
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