3 actors head to Germany for filming in a new film called, "Riech".


March 30, 2014


  • Keith Jordon/Taylor Johnson (Joel Courtney) - a young actor who will play the character, "Riech", as the protagonist, in the end, becomes a real hero, and gets a medal!
  • Veronica Hast/Ingrid Jones (Ellen Page) - a young actress who will play the Heroes' love interest, "Riech", a beautiful young woman, in the end, revealed to be in love with Julian!
  • Julian Hurt/The Swine (Brad Pitt) - an actor who will play the villain, "The Swine" in "Riech", in the end, becomes a hero, and also gets a medal!
  • Hans Von Zilch (Udo Kier) - plans to fire missiles in America, in honor of Adolf Hitler, in the end, commits suicide by accident when McLeod catches him!
  • Erik Von Cluche (Richard McGonagle) - Hans's second-in-command, in the end, gets arrested!
  • Martin McLeod (Alfred Molina) - the director, in the end, makes a documentary on the history of America called "World, War, Whatever"!



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