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Col. Miyoko Daniels-Hikari (birth name: Stephanie Robert Daniels) is a major character in the Project Zero-X anime series.


She's a 7ft tall white woman, with a mole on her left cheek and a wide scar running across the neck.

She prefer high neck profile shirts with bright color, and usually wears onyx skirts, with high-ankle boots and black leggings. When on meetings, she wore khaki military suits with service medals.

On combat, she wears white button-up with kevlars suit, black spandex-jeans and equips a DGX-P680X (20 rounds, full-auto variation). While on covert operations, she wore full black suits with scarf, wears black aviator sunglasses and equip a Tranquilizer-Dart Projectile Self-Defensive Weapon, or TDPSDW for self-defense (the handle also acts as a hook and inside contains a small knife that attached to the crane, which only come outs by twisting the umbrella's switch.)

Background History

The majority of her past life had mostly been kept classified. She was the prodigy of Oxford University at the age of 18. She joins SAS, and passed the "Selection" among 20 others; then joins alliance with Japan during The Great Tokyo Attack in 2005.

After the war has ended, she decided to stick with Japanese Military, and granted a legal occupation passport (legally deemed Japanese), and has put into services for 10+ years.

In 2026, she was ranked up to Colonel, and was in charge of SONARTac 4th Regiments a year later.

Zero-X Arc

After the 5th regiment corruption, leading to it's temporal suspension, she refoundated SONARTac and recruited Ayato, Uchino, Hinata (later replaced by "Tomoyo", Akagi and Fujikata to filling the team and founded the 6th regiment (in addition to Anna and Marcy later then).


-CQC (Close-Quarter Combat)
-Firearms Manipulation.
-Russian/Japanese Language Proficiency Skills.
-International Affiliations.


Feb 16th - 199x: Graduated Oxford University (unknown major)
?? ?? - 200?: Joins MI6
2019: Joins SONARTac
2028: Resigned Unit 2


  • Her nickname, Motoko, is a direct reference to Ghost in The Shell's (Stand-Alone Complex arc) heroine of the series, Motoko Kusanagi, whom also voiced by Atsuko Tanaka. Her overall designs were also based on Motoko Kusanagi's designs.
  • Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite drink is Poblanos El Bomba. (a heavier spiced version of Jägerbomb, a Jägermeister cocktail, usually mixed with energy drink, cumin and Cayene pepper).
  • Despite being an office-woman for most of the series', she's actually granted 2 black belts in Judo and Karate, in addition to being extremely tough and was the only one in the team that have the most field experience (16+ years).