Samson and his wife and son are trying to get a hard way away from ducks, which his boss hates, but they cause karma to his house.




  • Samson Roland (Bradley Cooper) - getting attacked by ducks, in the end, He realized the Ducks were after the duck food his son accidently put on him!
  • Paula Roland (Rose Byrne) - Samson's wife, in the end, She grounds Garrett for not telling them that he brought Duck food in the house!
  • Garrett Roland (Pierce Gagnon) - Samson's son, in the end, gets grounded and goes to Summer camp!
  • Sullivan Manson (Oscar Isaacs) - the main antagonist, Samson's boss, his goal is to control the City, in the end, gets Chased by Ducks all day!
  • Hugh Tubman (Tim Curry) - Sullivan's right-hand, in the end, gets beat up by Jason for breaking the window!
  • Jason Evans (Matthew Broderick) - the unspeakable window repairer to Hugh's office, because he cares about his window, in the end, tells Sullivan I Quit!
  • Susie Michaels (Ave Ween) - the little girl, Garrett fears, she likes to make Garrett look like a girl, in the end, gets spanked by Paula for torturing poor Garrett



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