There could be a Possiblity of The Tick to Return back to animation in the 2010s though. The Series will be run by the creators of The Venture Bros (Christopher McCulloch, and Doc Hammer) with their Production Company Astro Base Go!, and Comic Creator, Ben Edlund. Darby Pop Productions, and Hasbro Studios will be producing the movie as well. In the remake, Characters who are from Prevoius Tick Media will appear, as well new ones for the show.


A square-jawed, muscular, bright blue-costumed figure with antennae sticking up from his head, The Tick is a surreal parody of superheroes, in the vein of Dave Sim's character, The Cockroach. He is well-intentioned, friendly, good-natured, high-spirited, frequently obtuse, and prone to quipping odd, dim remarks and "inspirational" speeches filled with bizarre metaphors. The Tick is known for his nonsensical battle cry, "Spoooooon!", which he decided upon one day while eating breakfast (specifically, the cereal Drama Flakes).

Like many superheroes, The Tick has a sidekick, a rather plump former accountant named Arthur. Arthur wears a white moth suit that allows him to fly; although he is often mistaken for a bunny due to the long ear-like antennae of his costume and the fact that his wings are often folded up. The Tick is impulsive, and Arthur serves as a sort of conscience; he also figures out the schemes of villains and formulates plans to stop them. Arthur's "battle cry" (such as it is) is "Not in the face! Not in the face!"

In all of his incarnations, The Tick is surrounded by a cast of equally absurd heroes and villains, many of them parodies of popular comic book characters and character types. Few of the "superheroes" in the Tick mythos have powers that would measure up to those of DC Comics or Marvel Comics characters, but their foes are often equally silly and/or weak. The Tick lives in a city simply called "The City." In the animated series, The Tick was assigned to The City after his "Cabinet of Terror" (described by The Tick as the "deadliest engine of destruction 1974 had to offer") exploded, leaving him unharmed, during his city assignment selection trials at the National Super Institute Convention in Reno, Nevada. According to the series' companion book, The Tick: Mighty Blue Justice!, at least one of the judges was amazed by this (perhaps by The Tick's survival), awarding The Tick a score of 10 out of 10.

Principal Cast

  • John DiMaggio - The Tick, Lava Man, Crease, The Angry Red Herring, Stalingrad, What Inquisitor, Nega Tick
  • Cam Clarke - Arthur the Moth, Fishboy: Lost Prince of Atlantis, Johnny Polite, Mr. Amazing
  • Diedrich Bader - Die Fledurmaus, Lou Salazar: The Sewer Czar, Feral Boy, Eyebrows Mulligan, What Interpreter, Socket
  • Susan Eisenberg - American Maid
  • Steven Blum - Sewer Urchin, The Terror (In Flashbacks), Visual Eye, Flith, Speak, Porcupine, Dean, Thrakkorzog's Roomate, Johannes Gutenberg, Soren, Watt, Mr. Exciting

Addtional Cast

  • Nolan North - Bi-Polar Bear, Idea Men, Mr. Bear, The Caped Wonder, The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, The Fin, The Galoot
  • Grey DeLisle - Jungle Janet, Miss Jupiter, Ruth (Arthur's Mom), Bee Twins, Mad Nanny, Regina Hume, Sally Vacuum, Mona Lisa, Ottoman Empress, Fred
  • Tom Kenny - Caped Chameleon a.k.a. Crusading Chameleon, Dynamole, Forehead, Gesundheitan, Uncle Creamy
  • Bill Fagerbakke - Human Ton (1st Time), Baby Boomerangutan
  • Jennifer Hale - Carmelita Vhatos, Miss Venus, Tuun-La: Not of This Earth, Cassandra SanFrancisco, Horse-Girl
  • Philip Proctor - Courderoy Cordova, Fortissimo Brothers, Charles' Father, Ernest Jevees
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Chuck, Taft, Whats, Martian Mindreader, Captain Mucilage, George Washington Carver
  • Hynden Walch - SuffraJet, Miss Saturn, Dot
  • Rick D. Wasserman - Human Bullet, Mighty Agrippa: Roman God of the Aqueduct, Sub-Human, Zipperneck
  • Kari Wahlgren - Jet Valkyrie, Miss Darkmoon, Ella Ice, Bikini Girl
  • John Kassir - Shotgun, Sarcastro, Fear Guy
  • Armin Shimmerman - The Terror
  • John Cygan - The Mayor
  • Roger Rose - Four-Legged Man, Skippy
  • Terri Hawkes - Amelia (Charles' sister), Miss Moon, Mynda
  • Isabella Acres - Miss Moon Jr.
  • Jim Cummings - Barry Hubris/Bayou Boy, Captain Decency, Mr. Mental, Multiple Santa, Joesph Stalin, Thrakkorzog, Leonardo da Vinci, Atilla The Hun, Stinkweed
  • Robin Atkin Downes - The Carpeted Man, Mr. Hydra, Eye-Guy
  • Greg Eagles - Pineapple Pokopo
  • Dwight Schultz - Breadmaster, Benjamin Franklin, Deadly Bulb/Pigleg
  • Brian Bloom - Mr. Wolf, Patriot Man
  • James Horan - Dinosaur Neil, Dr. Wren
  • Tom Kane - Belbot Manger, Mr. Ezra Fleener
  • Nika Futterman - Betty: Queen of the Ants, Blitzen, Flying Squirrel, Wheel
  • Daran Norris - Big Shot, Doorman
  • Logan Grove - Brainchild
  • Dana Snyder - Professor Chromedome
  • Michael T. Wiess - Dr. Vhatos
  • Peter Lurie - Baron Violent, Proto-Clown, Human Ton (2nd Time), The Living Doll
  • Neal McDonough - Fireman
  • Keith Szarabajka - Icebird, Rosebud
  • Romi Dames - Professor Akiko Ichibana
  • Edward Asner - The Mother of All Inventions
  • Xander Berkeley - Octo Paganini
  • Jeff Bennett - El Seed, Whirling Scottish Devil, Thomas Edison, Eastern-Bloc Robot Cowboy, Captain Lemming
  • Clancy Brown - Zeus, The Night, Indigestible Man
  • Elizabeth Daily - Birdmocker, Lady Hornet
  • Dave Fennoy - Diamond Man
  • Dave Wittenberg - Red Francesco, Wings
  • Gregg Berger - Uncle Creamy II, Mole King, Man-Eating Cow, Hey Leader, Omnipotus
  • Mark Hamill - Dr. Julius Pendecker, The Dutchman, Dragonlord, Sewer Girl's Husband
  • Richard McGonagle - Hotel Manager
  • Tricia Helfer - Aphrodite
  • Jodi Benson - Sewer Girl, Gracie
  • Lex Lang - Wally, Captain Sanity
  • James Arnold Taylor - Jack Tuber, Plunger Man, Frostboy
  • Iona Morris - Holly
  • Tara Strong - Crystal, Spoongirl, Miss Earth
  • Maria Canals-Barrera - Kitty
  • Kevin Clash - Handy
  • David Kaye - Chairface Chippendale, The Hornet, Jim Rage
  • Danica McKellar - Miss Mercury
  • Kim Mai Guest - Miss Mars, Puppy Glade
  • Vannessa Marshall - Miss Neptune
  • Olivia d'Abo - Miss Uranus, Éclair
  • Gina Torres - Miss Pluto
  • Benjamin McKenzie - Moonlight Crusader
  • April Stewart - Ms. Might, Charles's Mother
  • Gary Anthony Williams - Milo, Sympantro
  • Crispin Freeman - Terry Terror, Buttery Pat, Dr. Mung Mung, Tounge Tounge
  • George Takei - Shadow Samurai
  • Wally Wingert - The Heys, Dr. Bud Frontier, S.P.O.R.K.
  • Will Friedle - Mr. Pegasus
  • Josh Keaton - Mr. Dragon
  • Matthew Mercer - Mr. Cygnus
  • David Faustino - Mr. Andromeda
  • Christopher Daniel Barnes - Mr. Phoenix
  • Benjamin Diskin - Mr. Unicorn
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Mr. Lionet
  • Tasia Valenza - Ms. Chameleon
  • Adrianne Barbeau - Galaxius
  • Quinton Flynn - The Human Spider
  • Colleen O'Shaunggesy - Kid Hornet, Ghostbug
  • Corey Burton - Mousiuer Dynamite, Hector Strange, Gassy Man
  • Rino Romano - The Tuxedo
  • Adam West - Knifeman
  • Sam Riegel - Forkboy
  • Andre Sogliuzzo - Octo Raymond, Weightiuss
  • Dawnn Lewis - Weather Witch
  • Leigh Allyn Baker - Joan White
  • Troy Baker - Professor Z, Graffiti Avenue
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Freakcrawler
  • Fred Tatasciore - Major Magnet
  • Cree Summer - Volcano Girl
  • April Winchell - Hera
  • Erin Torpey - Artemis the Archerette
  • Molly C. Quinn - Red Flare
  • Audrey Wasilewski - Silver Flight
  • Summalee Montano - Mischange
  • Jonathan Adams - Mr. Malevolence
  • Roger Craig Smith - Owlboy
  • Carlos Alazaraqui - Grasp
  • Bumper Robinson - Robot


  • Collette Sunderman - Casting and Voice Director
  • Doc Hammer - Developer, Story Editor, Staff Writer
  • Jackson Publick - Developer, Story Editor, Staff Writer
  • Brandon Vietti - Art Director
  • Ben Edlund - Creator, Staff Writer, Producer
  • Sebastian Montes - Director
  • Sam Liu - Supervising Director
  • Henry Gilroy - Supervising Producer, Staff Writer
  • Alex Soto - Director
  • Nathan Chew - Director
  • Seung-Hyun Oh - Director
  • Brandon Auman - Staff Writer
  • Kenji Ono - Director
  • Chris Graham - Director
  • Matt Wayne - Staff Writer
  • Crispin Freeman - Staff Writer
  • Michael Ryan - Staff Writer
  • Doug Katsaros - Composer


Season One:

The Tick vs The City The Tick moves to The City and meets Arthur, convincing him to become his partner in the battle against evil.
The Tick vs Chairface Chippendale The Tick attempts to thwart Chairface Chippendale's plan to commit the "Crime of the Century": using a powerful heat ray to write his name across the face of the moon.
The Tick vs Dinosaur Neil Neil, chief paleontologist at a dig known as "Dinosaur Grotto", is attempting to grow a fully functional dinosaur from tissues found in fossils. After accidentally ingesting some of the culture he mutates into a 70-foot-tall (21 m), 180-ton dinosaur and goes on a rampage across The City.
The Tick vs the Breadmaster The Breadmaster uses deadly baked goods to terrorize The City.
The Tick vs El Seed The insane El Seed uses his powers over plants to enact revenge on all animal life. To battle him, the Tick and Arthur join forces with The Civic-Minded Five: Captain Mucilage, The Carpeted Man, Feral Boy, 4-Legged Man and Jungle Janet.
The Tick vs The Tick The Tick battles with Barry Hubris, a wannabe superhero who also calls himself "The Tick", over rights to the name. Meanwhile, The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight plans to blow up the Comet Club.
The Tick vs the Solar System Sisters A Group of Girls that represents the Solar System, fights The Tick and Die Fledurmaus. Meanwhile, Arthur convinces Birdmocker to help The Tick.
The Tick vs Brainchild Brainchild (aka Charles) wants to use his mega-multi-devastator cannon to make his mark on the earth, with the moon.
The Tick vs Pineapple Pokopo The Tick, Arthur, and American Maid are sent to Pokoponesia to rescue a hyperintelligent monkey.
The Tick vs the Mole-Men The Tick and Arthur play host to a group of Molemen and their King.
The Tick vs The Proto-Clown The Tick and Arthur return to The City from a trip to discover a genetically engineered clown terrorizing the city. The Tick is knocked into his own mind, for a journey of discovery.
The Tick vs the Terror The Terror meets The Tick for the first time, and tries to take over The City.
The Tick vs the Moonlight Crusader Miss Moon's Ex-boyfriend, The Moonlight Crusader, becomes a full time viglante breaking a record and starting a turf war with Die Fledurmaus.
The Tick vs Christmas A small-time bank robber, dressed as Santa, is chased into an electric billboard, giving him miraculous powers.
The Tick vs Arthur's Girlfriend Arthur ditches the Tick on Hobby Night to go on a date with Carmelita, so Tick finds himself a new sidekick. Meanwhile Swiss Commandos are after Dr. Vahtoss' notebook.
The Tick vs Time Travel A villain called the Mother of Invention travels back in time to kidnap history's greatest inventors and plants a bomb in the Renaissance so the world will revert to the dark ages, allowing him to re-invent everything and claim credit.
The Tick vs Aphrodite Every Male Superhero in the city, is in love with Aphrodite, Only American Maid, Miss Venus, a lovestruck Tick, and Sewer Urchin (Who is Immune) get help from Zeus.
Armless but not Harmless Tick & Arthur's arms get removed and attached to crude look-a-likes for a crime spree.
The Tick vs The Hornet The Hornet (A Pardoy of The Green Hornet) plans to Arrest the Tick.
The Tick vs Professor Chromedome Professor Chromedome strikes at a Mad Science Fair, and chaos erupts when he uses a mind-swapping machine to cover his escape. Arthur finally manages to kiss Carmelita, only to find out that The Tick's mind is in Carmelita's body.
The Tick vs Omnipotus The Tick is sent to the moon to revert Chairface Chippendale's attempt to write his name on it. He ends up traveling through space on Omnipotus (a parody of Galactus), the devourer of planets.
The Tick vs the Ant Colony The Tick checks himself into Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium, letting a large colony of ants capture the other superheroes and lock them into a giant people farm.
The Tick vs the Big Nothing The Whats, and alien race, kidnap The Tick and Arthur to thwart their nemesis the Heys from destroying the universe.
The Tick vs Europe The Tick is sent to Antwerp, Belgium on a superhero exchange program to battle Octo Paganini and the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy while his Belgian counterpart Eclair helps Arthur deal with the Breadmaster.
The Tick vs the Aztecs While on a date with Carmelita, Arthur is kidnapped by "Aztecs". The Tick teams up with Carmelita to find and rescue Arthur and, in the process, gets a pet.
The Tick vs The World The Tick goes on a world tour with Arthur and Sewer Urchin, then they are under attacked by Chairface Chippendale.

Season Two:

The Tick vs Ms. Might The Tick Learns that American Maid Was Best Friends with Ms. Might, only to realize that she wants to fight somebody.
The Tick vs S.P.O.O.N. A Organzation called S.P.O.O.N. Demands all the world's Dinnerware. And Only The Tick Can Stop their Leader, S.P.O.R.K.
The Tick vs Bloomsday The return of El Seed with his newest monster: Rosebud.
The Tick vs Flith The Tick and Arthur gain a newfound respect for the Sewer Urchin, who shines beneath the streets of The City as a super villain unleashes an army of intelligent filth.
The Tick vs Caped Chameleon The Caped Chameleon's powers go haywire and Only The Tick can Save him. Meanwhile Arthur, Helps Sewer Urchin with his Home for the arrival of his sister, Sewer Girl who has Joined the City's Superheroes.
The Tick vs the Idea Men The Tick and Arthur meets a group of people called, The Idea Men. And they call in the Z-Men to help.
The Tick vs Shotgun Barry Hubris hires a Hitman Called Shotgun (A Parody of Deadpool) to kill The Tick for the rights of his Name.
Coach Fussell's Lament Brainchild uses his 'Nanny of the Apocalypse' to capture The Tick and turn him into a bird to match his brain.
The Tick vs the Bronze Boys The Tick Meets up with a Group of Male Superheroes called The Bronze Boys and stated they have a history with the Solar System Sisters. But things goes wrong when The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight does his bombing.
The Tick vs Fear The Civic-Minded Five Helps The Tick to Overcome his Phobia cause by The Fear.
The Tick vs Arthur's Mom It's Mother's Day, and Arthur dosn't have a present for his Mom. But The Tick is Busy with Icebird.
The Tick vs Dot and Neil's Wedding Dot and Dinosaur Neil are to get married, but Chairface messes with Neil's medication, causing him to mutate into a dinosaur again.
The Tick vs Mr. Mental The evil Mr. Mental takes control of The Tick's mind and forces him to steal the Thinking Cap, a device which will give Mr. Mental the "powers of the gods".
The Tick vs Education The Tick and Arthur become teacher and teacher's aid at an Extension Class for people who want to become Superheroes. While on a field trip, they encounter Uncle Creamy, a disgruntled former employee of an ice cream company on a mission.
The Tick vs The Common Cold The Tick has a cold, which affects his ability to overcome the alien invader Thrakkorzog, who plots to take over the Earth with an army of evil Tick clones.
The Tick vs Prehistory The Tick and Arthur travel back in time over 3 million years, join a tribe of Australopithecines and work in a restaurant for time travelers from the distant, distant future.
The Tick vs Babysitting An old enemy hides in the Tick and Arthur's apartment while working on a super-weapon.
The Tick vs Arthur Arthur confiscates a belt from a new super-villain which allows him to become bigger, stronger and not so nice.
The Tick vs Reno, Nevada While performing in Reno, dolphin The Fin plans to rule the world with his Fish Magnet. Arthur & Tick come to the rescue only to find that Tick has a gambling problem.
The Tick vs Big Shot Big Shot recives a Mental Breakdown which causes a Massive Crimespree, Only The Tick can save him.
The Tick vs Heroes A camera crew follows The Tick & Arthur for a day of crime fighting.
The Tick vs Terry An aging Terror sends his somewhat villainous son Terry to recover his Desire-O-Vac from the aging Decency Squad.
The Tick vs Interviews An Episode Featuring the Heroes of The City Talking about The Tick.
The Tick vs Galaxius The Tick rescues The Solar System Sisters from the Daughter of Omnipotus, Galaxius.
The Tick vs Furniture A villain that can animate furniture tries to take over The City.
The Tick vs Facial Hair The Tick wakes up with a mustache, only to find out that it has a mind of its own.

Season Three:

The Tick vs Octo Raymond The Tick and Arthur are being held captive by Octo Raymond.
The Tick vs The Dutchman The Tick Meets up The Bronze Boys to help them face their Greatest Enemy, The Dutchman. On a Side note, Arthur learns that Lady Chameleon, Mr. Peagsus' Twin Sister is not on the team because they don't allow women in the group.
The Tick vs The License The Tick's superhero activity is put on hold when he is caught operating without a superhero license.
The Tick vs The Big Leagues The Tick and Arthur are initiated into the League of Superheroes.
The Tick vs The Funeral Everyone Thinks that The Tick Was confirmed Dead after he saves a Falling School Bus. But He wasnt since he faked his death.
The Tick vs Baseball The Tick And Company Assemble a Baseball Team to Face Chairface Chippendale and his team.
The Tick vs The Fireman An Arsonist that calls himself The Fireman, Commits a Series Of Arsons across The City.
The Tick vs Japan The Tick, Arthur, and Bi-polar Bear Goes to Japan for Vacation, then they come Face to Face with The Shadow Samurai.
The Tick vs The Night The Tick meets up with The Night (A Pardoy of Spawn) who is a longtime friend of Die Fledermaus.
The Tick vs The Mayor The Mayor asks The Tick for his Re-Election Campagin agianst Chairface Chippendale.
The Tick vs Pie The Breadmaster and Buttery Pat Gets Revenge on The Tick and The City By Introducing a dessert that anybody have a addiction to. Known as Pie.
The Tick vs Justice The Tick is on Trial for a Crime He Did Not Commit. Only Arthur Can Help him.
The Tick vs Eviction The Tick gets kicked out of The City Itself after his trial. But The City Is in Chaos Thanks to The Hornet who was framing The Tick. Now Arthur must convince The Tick to go back, and save The City.
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