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Braces: That'll Be The Day 3 is a 2013 Action, Family Comedy film, and it is the 3rd sequel in the "That'll Be The Day" Franchise


Xavier Pikes-King  -   Himself

Arnold Schwarzenegger  - 

Chris Tucker  - 

Tone Loc  -  Pee Wee Harris

Kath Soucie  -  Rolly and Cadpig

Tara Strong  -  Raven

James Ahrens  -  Marcie

Christopher DeFaria  -  Peppermint Patty

Stephen Shea - Linus van Pelt

Mary Tunnell  -  Eudora

Dionne Quan  - Kimi Finster

Jason Mendelson  -  Rerun Van Pelt

Braces: That'll Be The Day 3
Directed By Joe Pytka
Produced By Lee Mendelson

Bill Melendez
Gale Anne Hurd



Eric Young

Babaloo Tatoo

Based on Characters

Created by

Robert Broman

Lee Mendelson
Bill Melendez
Jim Jinkins

Starring Xavier Pikes-King

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Chris Tucker
Tone Loc
Kath Soucie
James Ahrens
Christopher DeFaria
Stephen Shea
Mary Tunnell
Dionne Quan
Jason Mendelson
Stacy Ferguson

Studio Mandalay Entertainment

Lyrick Studios
Valhalla Motion Pictures
Young Tatoo Studios

Distributed By LIVE Entertainment


Release Dates June 7, 2013
Running Time 151 Minutes

(Original Version)

175 Minutes
(PG-13 Extended Cut)


it was originally going to be released by Gramercy Pictures, but that company got sued because many audiences in the That'll Be The Day Film Franchise wanted to be released by Lionsgate instead.

The Film had a turnaround and selected LIVE Entertainment for the 3rd sequel. Mandalay Entertainment was interested in the "That'll Be The Day" Franchise, and was chosen to co-produce the film, alongside with Mandalay, Lyrick Studios and Valhalla Motion Pictures also chose to co-produce the film as well.


Winner Best Actor - 2014 Academy Awards (Xavier Pikes-King)

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